Bath Inspirations Bathroom Remodeling in Cincinnati, Ohio

Aging In Place

Aging in place is about lengthening independence, it's about making modifications and choosing specific products that will allow a person to choose to live longer in their home rather than an institution. Grab bars installed in a shower or bathtub are just the beginning of what can be done to overcome the challenges we will all face as we age.

These simple modifications can provide you with a safe bathroom environment.

  • Replacing the toilet with a taller model.
  • Adding grab bars to toilet, shower and bath.
  • Slip resistant flooring.
  • Removing bathtub and converting to a no-threshold shower.
  • Adding additional lighting and ambiant night light switches.
  • Rocker or touch light switches.
  • Lever type door handles.
  • Cabinets with pulls instead of knobs.
  • Raised vanity Countertop height at a comfortable level that eliminates bending over.
  • Adding an adjustable height shower head with temperature read out display.
  • Radient heated tile flooring and towel warmer. 


Grab assist handles



Walk In Tubs




Tub to Shower Conversions

Tub Shower Saftey  

Falling is a very serious health problem:
Usually falls have more than one cause. For example, someone who slips or falls on a slippery floor may have weak leg muscles and be experiencing dizziness as a side effect of medication.

  • One in three seniors fall each year.
  • Ninety per cent (90%) of broken hips in seniors are a result of a fall.
  • By the age of 75, falls are the major cause of fatal injuries.
  • Forty per cent (40%) of admissions to nursing homes are related to falls.