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Bath Inspirations is committed to providing each client with a positive and rewarding experience during the planning and remolding process. We have spent three decades perfecting a comprehensive system built upon collaboration, open communication, mutual respect and thorough planning. No matter how satisfying the final product will be, we firmly believe that getting there should be a big part of the fun. Please let us explain our processes and practices so you can look forward to your project with as much enthusiasm as we do – with a clear and reassuring understanding of costs, planning, materials, timing and the roles different participants play in realizing your goals.

The first step in the process is to have our design expert visit you home. At that time, we will take measurements and photos of your current space and discuss our suggestions while incorporating your ideas and needs. The second step is to visit our showroom to view our design along with the budget review. We put together an estimate based on our expertise with your size and space and the materials and comforts you desire. If you choose to move forward with your project we will move into selection where you choose all your items in our showroom. This process allows us to keep the client at ease without the hassle of running to multiple locations to choose their materials. Working alongside our design expert during the selection process allows each client to be at supported with their selections while being informed of costs so there isn’t any surprises at the contract signing.

Instead of scattering responsibility for pieces of a project to professionals at different firms, it’s better to rest all the elements of design and construction with one team from beginning to end. This tactic helps bridge any communication gaps that can cause potential problems or inefficiencies. We prioritize the project details directly with our clients, using our expertise and creativity to develop plans that meet unique needs and expectations while respecting the client’s budget. Once a design and contract are signed we work directly with our crews to ensure quality assurance and attention to detail from start to finish.

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